All uphill from here

Today in Fairbanks we got the winter solstice at 12:50 AKST. This is when the sun’s daily highest point in the sky is as low as it gets all year: 2.1° above the horizon. Civil twilight began at 09:33, sunrise was at 10:58, sunset at 14:41, and civil twilight ended at 16:06. That’s 3h 42m of sunlight, and about 5.5h of decent light overall. Now, we gain daylight each day. Slowly at first, but by the end of January we’ll be picking up about 7 minutes every day.

The sun at solar noon from the West Ridge above Fairbanks. The airport and west end of town are buried under all that ice fog. Note the Alaska range visible as a ragged dark line just under the sun and above the fog layer.


Just a few minutes after solar noon, from atop a building down by the airport.