Yukon River bridge trip

I drove to the bridge over the Yukon River, about 140 highway miles north from Fairbanks. The route out of town goes for about 15 miles on the Steese Highway, 75 on the Elliott Highway, and finally the first 56 miles on the 414-mile Dalton Highway. Both the Elliott and the Dalton are twisty, with many changes in grade. After Fairbanks, there are only two small towns along the way: Fox and Livengood.

I had never seen the Yukon River in person before. It isn’t much to see in the winter, and the bridge was deliberately put over an unusually narrow part of the river; it widens out to several miles in other places, often with multiple braids and channels. The bridge itself carries Dalton Highway traffic and the Alaska Pipeline. It’s Alaska’s only year-round bridge over the Yukon (Canada has a couple). This trip is definitely worth a redo in the summer.