Small swamp hike

This September I did a short hike to a friend’s property northeast of Fairbanks. It was about 2 miles from the Steese Highway out to the land, which is short as hikes go. The catch is that the first half was almost completely saturated ground and swamp. I jury-rigged waterproof boots by wrapping plastic Fred Meyer bags around my socks, inside an old ratty pair of running shoes. It worked!

The property itself is in a burned-over area near Poker Flat. The lack of tall trees gives a decent view of the area.

Afterward, we dried out at the Chatanika Lodge. I tried the chili, which was excellent! On the way back to town from there, I was disgusted by the first snowfall of this year (other people in the car had a more positive reaction!). Guess I better get used to it. Nevertheless, it was good to get outside with friends and see some landscape.