Midwest trip: new family

One of the biggest events of my life happened this year: for the first time ever, I met my brother, sister, dad, grandma, two nieces, two aunts, two uncles, and a cousin and her children! It was exciting, exhausting, and totally worth it. I plan to see these people on a regular basis from now on.

The trip first took me to Minnesota, where I met up with my sister, brother, and their daughters. We spent much of the the next day in Duluth, sightseeing and talking. The day after that, we headed south to see more relatives. The highlight of that evening was food at the North Country Steak Buffet with Dad, Grandma, aunt Eva and uncle Robert, and her daughter and grandchildren. Dad ate three five-ounce sirloins; I think Joe tied him.

This post and the accompanying photos convey about one tenth of the reality of the event. But to be clear, I had an amazing time, saw new places, met great people, had good conversation, and hope to do this again, and often! You can’t go wrong spending time with family.