The Lioness

A few months ago, I discovered bumps on my cat’s lower back. I thought they were skin folds, but later realized that they were matted clumps of fur. These can cause skin problems for a cat. They were too thick and hard for me to remove without risk. Solution? A professional groomer. Since her back would have to be nearly shaved to skin, I elected to get the “lion cut”, which takes most of the body down to a few mm of hair, save for a remnant mane, and puffs on the paws and tail. This looks good, gives me a chance to buy the proper grooming tools to prevent future matting, and improves her hygiene.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold The Lioness.

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These pictures are hilarious. It’s good that you’re helping take care of her coat–one of the issues with longhaired kitties. I’ve only had experience with shorthairs.

Yep, the shorthair ones are easier, I think. I need to get a metal comb and start combing CB once per day (once the hair gets longer). Then I shouldn’t have to get the lion cut again, haha!

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