Labor days

It’s been almost a month since my last post. This Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to talk about what I’ve been doing in that month: labor. In the first week of August, I had the opportunity to work for an old boss for a week. Technically, I was an independent consultant running my own business for that week. I even have to deduct my own payroll taxes for Uncle Sam. On 15 August, I started at my current full-time job working at a mineral processing company. The company’s mission is to analyze samples of dirt or rock sent in by mining companies to determine mineral content. The pay for my position (lab technician) is low, but it keeps the bills away and puts food on the table while I continue to pursue law enforcement. Right now my duties are fairly menial, but I’m working my towards learning to do froth flotation. I’ve seen it done. Special “flotation reagents” are added to a finely-ground sample, which is then added to water and stirred by a motor-driven impeller. Air is forced in to the mixture from below, and desirable metal actually bubbles to the surface, where it can be scraped away.

My new employers are fully aware that I’m looking for another career, and are generously supportive, letting me take time off as needed to handle job applications to various law enforcement agencies.

I’m in the application process to my county sheriff’s department. So far I’ve advanced past the oral board phase. Next up is the polygraph and background investigation. In the near future I will be in the process for two other agencies as well; one local and the other federal. If all that wasn’t enough, I’ve been accepted to the self-sponsored police academy at my local community college. The idea is that if I can’t get hired on to a police agency directly, I’ll finish the self-sponsored academy, thereby making me more competitive for future applications. I’m told that in the previous class, all but one of the graduates had law enforcement jobs waiting for them when they finished. And the odd man out didn’t get a job because he’d moved to another state.

While all this is going on, I’m also actively looking for a new, more fuel efficient car. That’s proving to be interesting, and might be the source of a cost-savings analysis similar to the 500 kWh challenge.

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