Shout bamalama down in Alabama

I’m writing this from a hotel in Prattville, Alabama, a suburb of Montgomery. Today’s trip took me from Shreveport, Louisiana, all the way across that state, then across Mississippi, and then about 2/3 of the way through Alabama.

On yesterday’s leg I officially went from the West to the South. Today you could say I went from the South to the Deep South. Observations:

  • From just east of Dallas all the way to Montgomery, I was in the woods almost all the time. In some places trees hung over the highway. I’ve never been to the southeast before, and for some reason I was expecting hundreds of miles of farms, not forest. However, I know that what I see from the interstate is often misleading.
  • The Mississippi River at the Vicksburg crossing has a serious overflow problem right now.
  • There was a stretch of broken trees south of Birmingham. Tornado damage?

Didn’t eat any special food tonight; maybe tomorrow. The restaurant I went to had a mural on the showing Daniel Pratt, founder of Prattville. Until a waitress pointed this out to me, I actually thought it was Jefferson Davis. (Considering the location, that’s not an entirely unreasonable assumption.)

Tomorrow is one last rest break before the Big Day.

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No, but I knew the phrase from this song. I didn’t sing that either, but I thought of it as I drove. It’s actually from the soundtrack to an old 90s-era PC game.

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