The big camera

I recently picked up a used Canon 1Ds mark II, which is a decade-old digital camera. That’s prehistoric, but it’s one of Canon’s full-frame professional cameras. I can’t afford new ones, which cost $1000s. It’s a massive tank of a camera, and so not well suited to casual photography. I got it for the landscapes, still-lifes, and close-ups that I tend to do.

Equipped with a 50 mm f/1.4 prime lens, the photos it takes blow those of my trusty Nikon D40 out of the water. The images below aren’t of anything special, but look at the detail! Feel free to zoom in. I’m uploading them exactly as they came out of the camera, except for the conversion to JPEG.

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Cool…it takes nice pics! awesome Jason! …you can bring it next time to Tucson?
just asking, cus, we might need a family photo then, hope everyone reconnects! lol….

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