Getting back

On May 3, my employer approved my application to work remotely, allowing me to move just about anywhere that I can get high-speed internet. For me, there’s only one destination: back to Tucson.

August is looking like the most likely month to make the move. That gives me plenty of time to prepare.

I wasn’t “supposed” to be here this long. I moved here in 2012 to take a job as an entry-level meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The idea was to spend enough time on the job to be ready for the promotion to general forecaster, and then bid out to that open positions in other forecast offices. In other words, Fairbanks was a foot in the door. But, after a year, when it was clear that things weren’t working for me, I took the job I have now. That “reset the clock”, so to speak. This time around, things have worked out, enough for me to earn the privilege of becoming a permanent teleworker.

Fairbanks is a nice place, but four of its long and dark winters is enough. That said, I made the mistake of not fully taking advantage of my time here. I came up with the mentality that this was “temporary”, and didn’t spread my wings and have fun from the get-go, like I should have done. Lesson learned. Wherever I go from here (including Tucson), I won’t be making this mistake again.

I’ll be leaving behind some friends and connections, including Arctic Amateur Radio Club, Fairbanks VIP/CERT, Interior Alaska Gamers, and others. Of course, friends stay friends wherever we go, and Tucson will offer plenty of new opportunities to pursue those interests. In fact, I already have a few arrangements lined up!

Since I’ll be still employed at the University of Alaska, I have the perfect excuse to visit once in a while; I won’t even have to take time off work to do it!


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