New horizons

So I made it back home on Wednesday with no issues. Except for severe storms when driving across east-central Mississippi, the trip was unexceptional.

The job search has already begun. The hardest part is narrowing things down to keep the number of applications reasonable. There has been a new development that makes this easier. Law enforcement happens to be one of my interests. It turns out that my local community college runs a full-authority Arizona peace officer academy. It’s made for working people, with classes held two nights during the workweek and all day Saturday, for two semesters. I’ve applied. If I get accepted and graduate from it, then I’ll be a more competitive candidate for Arizona law enforcement agencies. Not only that, but it would open doors to apply to things like the DPS Sworn Reserve, which would let me do law enforcement 20 hours per month while still holding down a “real” job that uses my degrees.

For now, this means that my goal will be to get a job here in Tucson, with hours compatible with the academy classes. That narrows things down a bit and makes the search easier.

There are still some “pie in the sky” jobs that would be worth dropping everything and leaving home for: NOAA Corps officer, FBI special agent, and similar things.

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