A whole nother country

Today was the first leg of the Tucson-to-Montgomery trip. Tonight’s rest stop: Odessa, Texas. The landscape slowly changes on the way there, grading from Sonoran desert to Chihuahuan desert to flat plains, and getting slightly greener along the way. There was actually some rain around Van Horn. Starting somewhere east of El Paso, the architecture also takes on a more “midwestern” appearance (to my eyes— I’m a Tucsonan).

Between El Paso and Odessa is some remote country. There were several times when my radio scanned through the entire frequency spectrum and found nothing. And I mean both FM and AM. That’s impressive.

Other things I noticed:

  • New Mexico loves restrictive road construction. Just in the short leg of I-10 through NM, there must have been five places where the freeway gets collapsed down to one lane each way, and at 45 mph.
  • Texas cities that I’ve seen so far install their traffic lights sideways.
  • Odessa and parts west of it smell like oil, leaking from the pumpjacks scattered all over fields here.

Tomorrow it’s on to Shreveport, Louisiana. By then I should be well into the humid subtropical climate zone.

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This is a wonderful beginning to your travels, Jason.
I wish you the same for all your future sojourns as well.
Your family is always thinking of you. Stay in touch.

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