First Alaska fish caught today

The first fish I ever caught in Alaska. Photo by Blanka Littleman.
The first fish I ever caught in Alaska. Photo by Blanka Littleman.

Today I caught my first Alaska fish, from 25 Mile Pond on Chena Hot Springs Road northeast of Fairbanks. I used an open-bail casting rod with an unbaited spinner lure, cast from shore. The fish itself was nothing special: an 11 inch rainbow trout. 25 Mile Pond is one of many that get stocked with fish yearly.

This is not my first fish ever, but the last time I caught one was over 10 years ago. I’m not sure, but this might be my first ever catch with a pure lure. I’m not a sport fisherman per se; my primary goal is to get food, and the fun factor comes in second. Here in Fairbanks, I have access to good fisheries without spending alot of money or driving long distance. I’ve been here over a year now, that’s how long it takes to qualify for the cheap resident fishing license.

Things needed for the next fishing trip:

  • A real bucket to store the catch. The disposable styrofoam cooler I had turned out to be water-permeable. Oops.
  • Ice. It wouldn’t do for the fish (or its fillets) to get soft before I get them home.
  • A proper fillet knife. The kitchen knife I used required me to do too much sawing, and it wasn’t sharp enough. Some meat ended up getting wasted.
  • A portable fillet board. The best place to handle filleting would be outside (weather permitting).
  • A scaler. Fish skins are edible once the scales are off.

The meat has just been cooked and eaten, and the flavor was superb.

A special thanks go out to my grandfather, who taught me how to fish, sent me my fishing gear after it sat in his basement for years, and encouraged me to fish here in Alaska.

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You can’t tell in the photo, but there are markings on the side that ID it as a rainbow trout. I cooked it plain, and it ate it plain, and it was one of the best fish I’ve eaten in ages. Not ever being frozen helps with that.

Hi, Jason. Fishing is pretty cool, especially where you are. I’m trying to get back into it, but so far no luck. Apparently I’m too lazy to catch my own food. Thank goodness for Kroger!

Best wishes in Alaska and where ever else life takes you.


Hi Roger. I still feel like it was something of a cheat, because the pond I fished at gets stocked every year. Not only that, rainbow trout aren’t native to interior Alaska. So it was doubly inauthentic. Next time I’m gonna try to pull a fish out of a river or stream, which are less likely to have stocked fish.

There’s Kroger here too, under the Fred Meyer brand.

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