Clean across Texas

(The post title is from an anti-littering clean air program sign along Texas interstates: “Drive clean across Texas”).

I’m writing this about 10 miles east of the Texas-Louisiana border in the outskirts of Shreveport, Louisiana. The drive from Odessa was uneventful, but still interesting. Texas goes on for a long way. One can watch as the West slowly gives way to the South, in landscape, cultural features, and climate. Just east out of the Midland-Odessa area, the vegetation increases, grading from semiarid scrub to dry forests of the Texas hill country. East of Dallas, the trees become taller and lusher, and by Tyler you’re into bona-fide Woods™. I’m now officially in the “humid subtropical” climate zone that makes up much of the American South. As if on cue, I drove through a minor rainstorm near Longview that jacked the relative humidity way up. Didn’t bother me though.

In case I somehow didn’t know that Louisiana was coming up, in far east Texas I began to see billboards for Cajun food and alligator zoos. The welcome sign even had French on it.

Speaking of Cajun food, if you’re ever in Shreveport, you have to eat at Becca’s Steak & Seafood.

Incidentally, while there I discovered that I had a series 1963 $1 bill in my wallet. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving notes that the $1 has an average lifetime of 42 months. The 1963 series was in print from 1963 to 1969. This means that I either have a bill that has seriously beat the odds to lasted this long, or it was only recently returned to circulation after sitting somewhere for 40+ years.

Tomorrow is leg number three, the final push to Montgomery.

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